Commercials that aren’t about their products…

This week’s IMC-634 Digital Storytelling assignment asked for a review of commercials that intentionally minimized product information.  The following 3 came immediately to mind: Kmart’s “Show Your Joe” Christmas commercial was aired in November of 2013. I was highly amused and somewhat shocked when I first saw it on television. The commercial shows a line … Continue reading Commercials that aren’t about their products…


The NEW Retail Therapy

I confess… a shopping break is restorative for me. Can anyone else relate? It seems I'm far from alone in enjoying both on and off-line "retail therapy". Research indicates that it really does help alleviate feelings of sadness and spark our motivation. I know it works for me! New research has found that retail therapy … Continue reading The NEW Retail Therapy

Web Design Factors That Influence User Behavior (Part 5)

This following is the final excerpt from my final paper for IMC-635 Visual Information Design. You can read the entire paper here.  ~by JoAnn Carpenter   One of the most effective ways to test user behavior is always going to be trial and error. Therefore, website redesign presents us with a valuable opportunity. Hoa Loranger in … Continue reading Web Design Factors That Influence User Behavior (Part 5)

Relationship Transformation

Long-time friend, colleague, client and author Kevin A. Clark graciously provided the following article, also available in pdf format: Relationship Transformation   RELATIONSHIP TRANSFORMATION by Kevin Clark President and Federation Leader, Content Evolution LLC Director, Emeritus, Brand and Values Experience, IBM Corporation   Creating and maintaining relationships. Relationships are increasingly at the core of marketing and communications practice. Push strategies … Continue reading Relationship Transformation