It’s a Spring Thing

Spring is my favorite season, and it marks the beginning of a period of high productivity for me. I’ve collected some IMC tips and ideas from a variety of great sources that I hope will give you some new energy or idea for your business.

Design Tips (from eHow)

“Spring is symbolized by green plants, butterflies, baby animals and blooming flowers. Use these symbols of spring along with bright cheery colors such as yellow, pink and green to suggest spring in your print ads, flyers and postcards. Use the word “Spring” in your ad headline to motivate viewers to take action. Extend your advertising power by changing the cover image on your Facebook page to look springlike and update your website home page so it pushes your springtime theme.” Read more.

Easter Holiday, Income Tax and Earth Day Themes (from Practical eCommerce)

Here are some great content marketing ideas that feature the “Easter holiday on 4/5/15, the IRS Tax return deadline on 4/15/15, and Earth Day on 4/22/15:

  • Craft retailer. How-to articles for making anything from Easter baskets to plastic Easter egg bunnies — Michael’s did the latter.
  • Kitchen supply retailers. Include recipes and articles demonstrating how to make your own Easter candy.
  • Lawn and garden retailer. Publish an article like “10 Secrets for a Better Easter Egg Hunt” or “5 Steps to Prepare Your Yard for Easter.”
  • Clothing retailer. What about a video that takes an historical look at Easter fashion for the last 100 years?
  • Book retailer. An article reviewing the ten best Easter books for children.”  Read more.

Social Media Spring Cleaning (from CrackerJackMarketing)

“Out with the old, in with the new, make sure it works, and…

Roll out the Fresh Content! Research new topic ideas and get on a regular posting schedule. This is especially important if you’ve slacked off on posting lately. Include some posts that provide company news or update your audience on your products or services. Provide helpful how-to’s, write posts that answer frequently asked questions, and upload attention-grabbing photos and videos. If you focus on a particular topic much of the time, shake things up with a new angle!” Read more.


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