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This week’s Digital Storytelling assignment is developing creative briefs. Here’s my 2 clients:

#1 – West Virginia Tourism (


Focus: Headline – “It’s what you won’t find here that matters” – The video will focus on the aspects of tourism that will not be part of the West Virginia experience. Scenes of glitz, glamour, crowds, traffic, lines, high costs and general overwhelm ruining vacations transform to the peace and serenity found in nature, the simple country life, the low costs and memorable adventures found by visitors to West Virginia.

Issues:  The natural beauty of the state, seasonal outdoor activities, history and lower costs make for a great deal of potential for travel and tourism to West Virginia. West Virginia has an image of being backwards and impoverished, a stereotype that needs to be flipped around.

Audience:  The audience for this video is active young people, couples and families residing within driving distance to West Virginia. They are looking for outdoor adventures, cultural interest, and history while staying within budget. They want to get in touch with nature, and away from the big city hustle and bustle.

Content Points: The content of the video should include information on the natural attractions of WV – forests, state parks, mountains, eco systems, rivers. It will also include cultural and historical site information, e.g., railroads, war monuments, Appalachian culture. The content will also include visuals of the opposite of this frequently found in tourist areas – commercialism, crowds, high prices, overall stress.

Brand: West Virginia is all about the experience of simplicity. It’s “almost heaven”, “wild and wonderful”, low cost and no frills. This will be the branding theme for the State of West Virginia Travel and Tourism.



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#2 – Mineral County Chamber of Commerce (


Focus: Headline – “Everything you need is right here” – The video will feature scenes of residents and business owners shopping for the products they need, finding recreation and entertainment, and receiving the services they need from resources within Mineral County. The video will clearly promote doing business locally as well as showcase the area’s offerings.

Issues: Mineral County has a wide variety of products, services and activities available to residents, visitors and businesses. Many people may not be aware of these options as a result of lack of promotion. The Chamber has not developed a presence on social media, and its website needs updating.

Audience: Businesses and residents within the geographic area of Mineral County, West Virginia and visitors from the surrounding areas. The population of Mineral County is approximately 27,000, and there are over 1,800 businesses. (, 2014)

Mineral County is within driving distance from many major metropolitan areas including: Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Richmond, and Washington, DC (, 2012).

Content Points: The video content will include a variety of brief introductions to selected businesses and professionals, residents shopping and buying the things they need, people eating at restaurants, visitors enjoying festivals, and a link to a new website entitled “” (or similar) where they can sign up for an email newsletter to receive event information, local announcements, coupons, special promotions, and links to follow the Chamber on social media. The video will showcase Mineral County’s resources for both visitors and residents.

Reference: (2014). Population quick facts: Mineral County, West Virginia. Retrieved April 20, 2015, from (2012). Website: Mineral County Chamber of Commerce. Retrieved April 20, 2015, from


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