Creative Approach for West Virginia Travel & Tourism

As we approach the final project for Digital Storytelling, we are sharing our first drafts of our approach and scripts. My approach is a fictional one. Comments welcome. I will be refining this video project for submission next Monday.

My creative revisions have led me to a theme that incorporates the “almost heaven” association with West Virginia, and capitalizes on the diverse offerings of the state. Visually demonstrating the diversity addresses the songbird. We have everything from luxury hotels and restaurants to riverside camps and Mom & Pop diners.

The tone of the video is light, airy, and ethereal. The voice over is whispery and angelic. The typography for the text overlays will be floating and cloud-like.

The people in the video are an average, healthy, active family with a father, mother, and a girl and boy ages 8 – 10. The video shows how much there is to do and enjoy in West Virginia, and how much closer the family will become. Relaxing, unwinding and being content is the inherent theme throughout.

The background music throughout the video is a softly played, instrumental version of John Denver’s Country Roads. This subtly different score without lyrics will make people listen to determine what the familiar tune is.

Here is my first draft Shooting Script:



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