Creative Approach for West Virginia Travel & Tourism

As we approach the final project for Digital Storytelling, we are sharing our first drafts of our approach and scripts. My approach is a fictional one. Comments welcome. I will be refining this video project for submission next Monday. My creative revisions have led me to a theme that incorporates the “almost heaven” association with … Continue reading Creative Approach for West Virginia Travel & Tourism


Shooting Scripts

This week's assignment for IMC-634 Digital Storytelling involved reverse engineering shooting scripts from existing 30-second commercials. Here are my selections, and their basic scripts: #1 - PETA "98% Human" -- #2 - Hyundai Genesis - Dad's Sixth Sense -- Reference: YouTube. (2014). Super Bowl 2014 Commercial – Hyundai Genesis – Dad’s Sixth Sense. Retrieved … Continue reading Shooting Scripts

Creative Briefs

Image Source: This week's Digital Storytelling assignment is developing creative briefs. Here's my 2 clients: #1 – West Virginia Tourism ( Focus: Headline – “It’s what you won’t find here that matters” – The video will focus on the aspects of tourism that will not be part of the West Virginia experience. Scenes of … Continue reading Creative Briefs

Commercials that aren’t about their products…

This week’s IMC-634 Digital Storytelling assignment asked for a review of commercials that intentionally minimized product information.  The following 3 came immediately to mind: Kmart’s “Show Your Joe” Christmas commercial was aired in November of 2013. I was highly amused and somewhat shocked when I first saw it on television. The commercial shows a line … Continue reading Commercials that aren’t about their products…